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Atrium seeks to utilize healthcare informatics tools in support of clinical guidelines and formal medical methodologies.  We are available to deliver the resources, devices, and methods required to optimize the use of information in health and biomedicine.

Atrium’s Project Management is largely delivered by certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) utilizing the methodologies and standards developed by the world renowned Project Management Institute (PMI).  We partner with your project sponsors to integrate proprietary processes that may be required for project facilitation.

Deploying new IT components can allow for better management and security of enterprise computing as well as the opportunity to integrate new applications for increased business performance.  Atrium performs deployments with guidance on best practices for implementing new technologies that may lower the cost of change and operations.  Atrium’s deployment delivery methods are individually focused on your specific environmental technical complexities, nature of the product, and the size/demographics of the intended user group.

As software and/or hardware are deployed, Atrium’s goal is to develop strategies and prepare plans to maintain continuous functionality for your newly enhanced technology landscape.  Atrium can determine your IT support requirements and provide related business metrics for sustained functionality.

Maintaining a viable network infrastructure is critical to the successful operations of a business which ultimately effects marketability and revenue.  Atrium can review your current technology landscape to deliver recommended proposals and architecture relative to improved technologies for your business needs.

Technology strategy should focus on an iterative process of an organization's overall objectives, principles and tactics relating to the technologies that the organization uses.  This process has traditionally been expressed through intelligence explaining how technology should be utilized as part of an organization's overall corporate and business strategy.  

As new procedures and/or technologies are deployed, educational procedures are required to effectively enhance employee skill sets.  Effective employee training via hands-on methodologies can increase your employee's understanding and confidence in their new responsibilities within the organization.

With the increasing importance of information technology for the continuation of business critical function, protecting an organization's data and IT infrastructure in the event of a disruptive situation has become an increasing and more visible business priority.  Atrium can develop planning for organizational recovery with the least amount of down time and maximum efficiency.